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Privacy Policy and Statement

This "Privacy Policy and Statement" sets out how HK Hair Salon (official website ("HK Hair Salon") collects, uses, manages and protects how HK Hair Salon may collect from or share with you/members The relevant personal data or data ("Data"), apply to all individuals whose data may be processed by HK Hair Salon.

1. To protect your/any member's privacy
1.1 HK Hair Salon is committed to processing your data in accordance with the required standards, including (in particular and where applicable) in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) (the "Ordinance") , to protect your privacy and keep your/member information safe.

1.2 Before using and providing your/member's information for the purposes set out in this "Privacy Policy and Statement", HK Hair Salon may be required by law to obtain your/any member's written consent, in which case HK Hair Salon may only use your/member's information in the prescribed manner after obtaining the relevant written consent.

2. Your/any member's information
2.1 HK Hair Salon may collect, use and hold various types of information about you/members. To operate the business of HK Hair Salon so as to facilitate relevant members to provide Hong Kong Hair Salon Salon/Stylist or/and other related services (including verifying your/member's identity, registration, activation and management of your/member's membership at HK Hair Salon account, as well as billing and charges (collectively, the "Services")), subject to laws, rules, guidelines, regulations and/or requirements promulgated by applicable government departments, courts, law enforcement or other agencies or regulatory bodies, HK Hair Salon may collect information about you/members or you/members may include but not limited to:
(a) your/member's name and other details;
(b) Contact information, including name, address, telephone number, mobile number and email address;
(c) Service Information;
(d) information exchange between you/member and HK Hair Salon customer service staff;
(e) bank account and other details;
(f) credit card details; and
(g) HK Hair Salon and/or their respective contractors, subcontractors, agents, representatives, business partners or representatives, service providers, as may be requested from time to time, and for the provision of services through HK Hair Salon and/or your /Members obtain the services provided by Hong Kong Hair Salon/ Hair Stylist or/ and other related service providers and/or Hong Kong Hair Salon/ Hair Stylist or/ and other related service persons Any other information necessary for the related services (collectively referred to as "Hong Kong Salon/Stylist or/and other related services"). Information provided by you/members may be held by HK Hair Salon and may be stored by its employees and authorised third parties specified below in accordance with the circumstances or purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and Statement. access, or upon prior notice to you/member, or with your/any member's consent (if required).

3. How HK Hair Salon collects information
3.1 HK Hair Salon collects information in various ways, including:
(a) Provided directly by you/member, such as when you/member submit your/any member information through HK Hair Salon, any customer service hotline or HK Hair Salon chat; or when you/any member contact HK Hair Salon to request Information provided upon enquiry or request;
(b) provided by a third party such as an affiliated entity, hair salon Salon/stylist or/and other affiliated service providers, business partners or other clients, or your/Member's representatives, and provided by you/any Member as appropriate Agree (if required);
(c) your/member use of HK Hair Salon station or mobile application (see "Privacy Information" section below); and/or
(d) Your/member participation in surveys or marketing campaigns conducted by or on behalf of HK Hair Salon.

4. Privacy Information
4.1 In order to more effectively meet your/member's needs and preferences, HK Hair Salon's servers may collect information about your/member's website, device or application activity. HK Hair Salon may also collect aggregated and anonymous statistics about server usage in order to match user behaviour on HK Hair Salon, mobile and TV applications. Such information may include, but is not limited to:
(a) browser type, version and user agent;
(b) Operating System;
(c) IP (Internet Protocol) address and/or domain name;
(d) link information, page view statistics and/or referring URLs;
(e) Device ID, location and telephone contact information;
(f) Cookies and/or browser, application or web server log data; and
(g) Equipment and software features and/or settings.

4.2 HK Hair Salon may install cookies or similar tracking tools on your/member's machine or device so that HK Hair Salon can provide various services, including tailoring your/member's user experience and/or on multiple web pages and / or stay logged in for multiple connections. Such information may include, but is not limited to, relevant login and identity verification information, and information about your/member's activities and preferences on the device and on the HK Hair Salon and mobile applications. HK Hair Salon may be preset to accept cookies.

4.3 You/members can choose to refuse to accept or delete past cookies by changing the settings of your web browser; however, you/members may not be able to use some functions of HK Hair Salon and/or the app normally at that time.

5. How HK Hair Salon uses your/any member's information
5.1 HK Hair Salon may collect, retain and use your/member's information for the following purposes (with your/member's consent if necessary):
(a) verify your/member's identity;
(b) to process any user/member registration of your/member's HK Hair Salon;
(c) carry out the matching process as defined in the Ordinance;
(d) To verify your/member's eligibility to enjoy the services, games and/or promotions or other activities provided by HK Hair Salon;
(e) providing services and/or membership programs;
(f) To provide you/members with rewards, promotional offers, updates, offers and invitations to events;
(g) to promote and market the services of HK Hair Salon to you/members;
(h) To conduct research or analysis in order to improve and enhance the service level of HK Hair Salon;
(i) conducting surveys and marketing, promotion, behavioral scoring for business operations and/or planning purposes;
(j) conduct market and product analysis for the purpose of producing statistical reports containing aggregated information not related to any identified or identifiable individual;
(k) maintain and develop HK Hair Salon's business systems and infrastructure, including but not limited to testing and upgrading such systems;
(l) maintaining, improving and developing HK Hair Salon's product and service portfolio;
(m) to comply with applicable laws in and outside Hong Kong that may be required by applicable Hong Kong government departments, courts, law enforcement agencies, regulatory or investigative bodies in relation to the services and/or membership programs provided to you (including but not limited to assisting in the prevention, detection of crime or potential criminal activity);
(n) distribution of publications and research materials of HK Hair Salon, business partners and counterparties; and
(o) To facilitate access to emcee/ and other related services for you/members, and to facilitate hair salons/stylists or/and other related service providers and hair salon Salon/stylists or/and other related service personnel to provide hairstyles Salon / Hair Stylist / and other related services.

6. How HK Hair Salon discloses your information
6.1 In order to provide the services requested by you/members, HK Hair Salon may, to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations, disclose you/members to organisations or other persons in and outside Hong Kong (collectively referred to as "organisations") other than HK Hair Salon data of. Your/member information will only be disclosed to these organisations for the purpose of providing you/member with the services of HK Hair Salon.

6.2 These organisations provide support services for the business and operations of HK Hair Salon, including but not limited to:
(a) Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist or/and other related services;
(b) courier, delivery and logistics services;
(c) marketing, advertising and telemarketing services;
(d) billing services;
(e) debt collection services;
(f) Information Technology Services;
(g) market research;
(h) marketing, advertising and telemarketing services;
(i) Customer usage and behavior analysis;
(j) Process management;
(k) Investigations;
(l) website usage analysis; and
(m) Cloud Storage Services.

6.3 Hong Kong Hair Salon/Stylists take the necessary steps to ensure that such organisations are bound by appropriate confidentiality and privacy obligations regarding the protection of your/member data and are solely for the purposes of their employment and not for their own or other purposes (including direct marketing) using your/member's information.

7. HK Hair Salon may disclose your/any member's information in the following circumstances
(a) at your/member's request, to your/member's authorized representative and/or legal advisor;
(b) To provide administrative, payment, collection, business, legal and/or operational support services to:
(i) financial institutions, consumer or credit card issuers, credit providers, credit databases, collection agents or guarantors;
(ii) telecommunications network operators;
(iii) Associates, overseas offices, assignees, assignees and representatives of Salon/Stylist in Hong Kong;
(iv) Professional advisors of Salon/Stylist, including accountants, auditors, lawyers and insurers;
(c) Disclosure to banks, insurance companies, insurance brokers, underwriters, billing agents and business partners in relation to the services and the interests of registered users of Salon/Stylist in Hong Kong;
(d) Disclosure to government and regulatory agencies and other organisations as required or authorised by Hong Kong law;
(e) to organisations that manage the business and corporate strategy of Salon/Stylist in Hong Kong, including participation in the transfer or sale of all or part of the assets or business of Salon/Stylist in Hong Kong (including trade receivables and trade receivables) ) and organisations involved in managing the corporate risk and treasury functions (e.g. securitization) of the Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist;
(f) disclosed to any proposed or actual participant, assignee or assignee of the relevant members of the whole or any part of the operation or business of Salon/Stylist in Hong Kong; and/or
(g) to a charitable or non-profit organization.

8. Direct promotion (if applicable)
8.1 After obtaining your/member's consent, Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist intends to use your/member's information (your/member's name, contact information, service usage, order details, location) in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations information and other customer details) for direct marketing purposes, including sending you/members about services and related television, telecommunications, Internet Streaming (OTT) services, content services, mobile voice, SMS and data communications, international direct dialing (IDD) ( IDD)/roaming, internet connection, cloud services, electronic/mobile payments, entertainment, secretarial services, personal assistant services and information services (such as weather, financial and news information), equipment accessories, mobile applications and software, computer peripherals, Accessories and software (including laptops, mobile phones, mobile devices and accessories, keyboards, security devices and mobile applications), rewards, membership and privilege programs, lifestyle, social activities, travel, banking, alcohol and tobacco, sports, music, games , transportation, household products, food and beverages, finance, insurance, wealth management services and products, pensions, investments, brokerage, financial advisory, loans and credit and other financial services and products, gaming, education, health and wellness, beauty products and services, fashion and accessories, electronics, social networking, technology, e-commerce, logistics, retail, home and decor, media and other products and/or services such as gifts, discounts, exclusive treatment, offers and services Promotional notices and/or updates. Such marketing may be carried out in various ways (e.g. by letter, advertisement/message attached to bill, email, e-SMS, MMS, instant message, push notifications in apps, targeted TV messages, broadcast messages on programme viewing devices , telephone, social media or advertising on websites or other media).

8.2 Before using your/member's information for direct marketing purposes as described in this "Privacy Policy and Statement", if Hong Kong law requires Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist to obtain your/member's consent, in this case, Hong Kong hair salon Salon / hair stylist must obtain the relevant consent before using your / member's information for any direct marketing purpose.

8.3 Hong Kong hair salon Salon/Stylist will respect each individual's request not to use personal data for direct marketing purposes. You/Member may choose to opt out of receiving direct marketing materials and/or communications from the Services. At the same time, you/member may resume receiving such services by sending a written request to the Hong Kong Hair Salon/Stylist Privacy Officer and providing your/member's registered name, registered telephone number or email address (if applicable). Materials and/or Communications (if you/Members have opted out of receiving such materials and/or communications from the Service).

9. Spam Email
9.1 We will not tolerate misuse of our Services. You do not have permission to add other users to your mailing list (email or letter) unless the user has given express consent.

10. HK Hair Salon values the security of your/any member information
10.1 Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylists make all necessary efforts to ensure that any information held by them is stored in a safe and secure place and may only be stored by authorized employees or other organisations referred to in this Privacy Policy and Statement. Pick.

10.2 When Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylists hand over your/member's information to a third-party organization for processing, Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist will ensure that these organizations take appropriate security measures to keep your/member information safe and Comply with applicable principles regarding data protection. Some of those who share your/member data with Salon/Stylist in Hong Kong may process the data overseas. You/member may contact Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist for a more in-depth understanding of the protection measures Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist is using to ensure that your/member data is adequately protected in this situation.

11. Retain your/any member's data
11.1 Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist will keep your/member's data according to internal policy. The policy of the Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist is in compliance with the regulations and covers the following principles:
(a) retain the data only for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected or directly related to the purpose for which it was collected, unless the retention of the data is also in compliance with any applicable Hong Kong laws, regulations or contractual obligations; and
(b) Pursue relevant data from the electronic, manual and other file systems of Salon Salon/Stylist in Hong Kong in accordance with the above criteria and the internal procedures of Salon Salon/Stylist Hong Kong.

12. Your/any member's rights to access and correct data
12.1 Hong Kong Hair Salon/Stylist takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that the information collected, used and disclosed is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, the accuracy of such information generally depends on the information provided by you/member. You/members have the right to request access and correction of your/members information, Hong Kong hair salon Salon/hair stylist recommends you/members:
(a) If there is any error in your/member information, please inform the Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist; and
(b) Inform Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist of the latest changes in your/member profile.

12.2 If you/member wishes to view or amend any of your/member data held by Hong Kong Hair Salon Salon/Stylist, you can contact Hong Kong Hair Salon/Stylist through the means set out in the "Contact Us" section.
You/members can also log in to the Hong Kong hair salon Salon/hair stylist to exercise the right to access and correct data. Through the Hong Kong hair salon Salon/ hair stylist, you/member can view and correct the information held by the Hong Kong hair salon Salon/ hair stylist part of your/member information.

12.3 You/member may refuse to share information with Hong Kong hair salon Salon/stylist, in this case, Hong Kong hair salon Salon/hair stylist may not be able to provide you/member with some services.

13. How to contact HK Hair Salon
13.1 For all questions and enquiries regarding the compliance of Hong Kong Hair Salon/Stylist with the obligations under the Ordinance, and any request for access and correction of your/member data, please write to the Privacy Policy Officer of Hong Kong Hair Salon/Stylist by email, [email protected].

13.2 If you want to raise questions about the handling of your/member information by Hong Kong Hair Salon/Stylist, please contact Hong Kong Hair Salon/Stylist so that Hong Kong Hair Salon/Stylist can try to solve your/member's problem.

This "Privacy Policy and Statement" may be revised from time to time, and all data processing procedures will be governed by the latest version of this "Privacy Policy and Statement".